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Розничная торговля

Розничная торговля
Forecsys provides retail networks with a software package to help them improve inventory management. The package consists of three modules which give short-term market demand predictions, make inventories of selected items, and provide long-term sales plans.


Дистрибуция и оптовая торговля


Forecsys provides Sell4Cast, a software package designed to improve customer relations, to companies in the telecommunications industry as well as to other firms working with a large client base. The solution consists of three modules which calculate client loyalty, create client price models on a long-term basis, improve marketing campaigns, and can define the probability of a client buying a certain product.


Forecsys provides banks with a solution for the bank’s financial activities. This solution allows for an automatic and accurate evaluation of a potential client’s credit status, can predict borrowing behaviour, and analyse the bank’s credit portfolio. Our company also provides a solution to help improve encashment for cash machine networks.


Energy suppliers are required to work in uncertain conditions; hence, Forecsys has decided to provide them with a price forecasting system. This solution can forecast electricity prices and the volume of demand, allowing your company to work more efficiently on the wholesale market. This system can significantly reduce the money lost in costly operations on the equilibrating market and on monthly fluctuation fines.

Учебные заведения, электронные библиотеки, охрана ИС

Учебные заведения
Forecsys offers a unique solution designed to check electronic documents for plagiarised fragments borrowed from Internet sources and/or sources from its specialised and internal data bases which were created by the organisation itself.

Транспортные сети

Forecsys provides consultations for the design of imitation models of transport networks which can help evaluate the maximum holding capacity of the network in various situations. This solution was designed to support strategic decision making and tactical and operational business planning for transport networks.

Организаторы биржевых торгов

Forecsys can develop special software for stock traders and/or provide them with information services based on technology which analyses the client milieu. This software can be developed to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Инвестиционные, брокерские и трейдинговые компании


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