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Microsoft Corporation is a global leader in manufacturing software, rendering services and developing internet technology for PCs and servers.

Forecsys has the status of a Microsoft Gold certified partner.

We work together with Microsoft in virtually every sphere of activity Forecsys has to offer: working with educational establishments, working with trading networks, working with the energy sector.



Teradata is a renowned global leader in the development and implementation of high-tech corporate data storage systems and analysis of the latter.

We work together with Teradata in our business with the telecommunications sector.



Oracle is one of the largest manufacturers of corporate software. They offer solutions and services which allow organisations to take advantage of highly accurate and up-to-date information bought to them by business systems.

Forecsys is a certified business partner of Oracle.


SAP Service Partner
SAP is the leading global supplier of programming solutions for business management. SAP solutions for business management help enterprises across the world to perfect their relationship with clients, widen their joint activities with partners and increase the company’s level of efficiency in logistics chains and business operations.

Forecsys gained the status of SAP Partner after carrying out an «SAP Service Partner» service.

Business Solutions Consulting (BSC)


Competentum is one of the leading companies at creating solutions for electronic study; it develops a whole range of programming solutions, electronic courses and multimedia for electronic study organisations for both the business and academic market.

We work together with Competentum in our business with the banking sector.


The LEXPRO reference and legal data base is a complete collection of Russian legislation and legal entities, court proceedings, international acts, documents from the USSR, legal commentaries, legal dictionaries and analytical material on the legislative process.

We work together with LEXPRO in our work with educational establishments.


Softline has been working on the software market since 1993 and it is a leader in the information technology market segment. Licensing and sales of software are Softline’s main area of specialisation.

We work together with Softline in our business with educational establishments.

Columbus IT

Columbus IT
Columbus IT is an international consultancy firm with representatives in 28 countries. The company offers out consultations on the choice, integration and maintenance of corporate information systems.

We work together with Columbus IT in our business with the trading network sector, distributors, and manufacturers.


Teider was created in September 2007 with the aim of developing analytical products and support systems for decisions being taken in the electricity and IT industries on the basis of managerial experience in the company. Teider specialises in information and analysis decision-making support.

We work together with Teider in our business with the electricity industry.

Banking Information Systems Company (BIS) was established in 1991 by a group of IT specialists from the USSR Vneshtorgbank. Beginning in 1992, the company has made about five hundreds of successful deployments of the integrated banking system BISQUIT in credit institutions of Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Partnership with Bank Information Systems (BIS) is in the area of work with the banking sector.

The Russian Academy of Sciences Computer Centre was founded in 1955 by the academic A.A.Dorodnitsyniy. It is the leading scientific research centre in the Russian Academy of Sciences in the areas of digital methods, mathematic modelling, EVM mathematic programmes and software, and also in the use of computer technology to further other branches of science and technology.

Our work with the Russian Academy of Sciences Computer Centre has allowed Forecsys to develop and make use of the most advanced developments and achievements in technology.

Diasoft is one of the largest Russian suppliers of modern IT solutions for all spheres of activity carried out by credit and financial organisations. Diasoft offers its clients complex automatic systems for corporate and retail service, work on the financial markets, accounting, managing business transactions, and staff management.

We work together with Diasoft in our business with the banking sector.

SITRONICS Information Technology is one of the leading suppliers of IT solutions, products and services in Eastern Europe and the CIS. The company offers management and technology consultancy services, installs management systems for companies, carries out system integration, develops software, and provides other services and training.

We work together with Sitronics in our business with the telecommunications sector.

The main aim of the Friendly Internet Fund is to develop the Internet into a safe environment which is friendly for all users. The Fund supports projects linked to safe use of the Internet.

We work together with the Fund in our business with the Internet development sector.